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The Anagen Flush is otherwise known as “The Horrendous Feeling That You Have Sprouted Twice As Much Hair As You Peviously Had”
Anagen Hair is like rapidly growing weeds in April, May or June.

The soil has been cold and hard through the winter.

You spray ‘Roundup’ on the fields at the beginning of Spring and almost everything dies off.

That’s the same as using the laser.

However most hair isn’t actually growing at any one time.

Probably less than a half of what is potentially there is in anagen.


The same in the soil. One year’s seeding is seven years weeding.

There are loads and loads of hibernating seeds.

What happens in Spring is you dig the garden over, aerate the soil and the seeds get oxygen.

The wet and warmth of the Spring sunshine causes them all to germinate at the same time.

If you then spray with adequate ‘Roundup’ you get a big kill.


When you use the laser, the heat and massage awakens the dormant hair follicles.

They all sprout at once – sometimes at the 3rd, 4th or 5th treatment.

This is when to apply the EMLA, turn up the HR power and blast those young anagen hairs with their huge roots that are so sensitive to the laser.

After that it is just about tidying and maintenance.


Author: Dr Malcolm Willis

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