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Women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) tend to have excessive body and facial hair.

Laser Hair Removal will always be an ongoing project with PCOS.

Short term results are often dramatic because the hair is dark, thick and coarse and the laser readily targets it.

We can achieve very significant hair reduction but it always comes back because of the excessive androgen (male hormone) produced by the ovaries.

Having achieved 80% hair reduction top-ups are sometimes needed every 3 months.  Others go 6 months.

The androgens enable rapid recovery of the hair follicle

So it is always an uphill battle – but one that many women with PCOS choose to afford because there is little alternative other than hormone manipulation using anti-androgen drugs like cyproterone acetate. A cream called Vaniqua is often tried but has limited effect.  The contraceptive Yasmin can be helpful.

PCOS is getting more common as the population gets fatter.

Half of all women with PCOS are obese (BMI >30)

Some women with PCOS are not fat but there is a strong association with Obesity.

It is associated with a tendency to weight gain especially round the middle.  This is called central obesity.

Other features are:

  • irregular periods and difficulty conceiving
  • diabetes and high blood pressure
  • poor cholesterol profiles with increased risk of heart disease and stroke long term
  • acne, depression and low self-esteem

We sometimes suspect PCOS in our clients when they fail to achieve permanent hair reduction

We have a lot of clients with PCOS who are very appreciative of the extra effort that we make on their behalf

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Author: Dr Malcolm Willis

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