We love what we do at the Doctors Laser Clinic and we’re very proud of the services we provide. Our clients are asked to feedback to us after their treatments and we are happy to share that feedback so you can judge for yourself. Names are not published to protect confidentiality.

28/05/2017 Initial Consultation

Very friendly, very informative

28/05/2017 Laser Hair Removal - Bikini Line

As usual I enjoy my visit to see Jayne as she is very welcoming and helpful. Unfortunately when I got home later on in the day I developed a nettle type rash where I had my laser treatment done. I have not experienced this before as my last 2 vists I had no problem. I am hoping it is due to the hot weather we are having but I would appreciate it if Jayne could contact me about this. Thank you Edwina Waller

26/05/2017 Initial Consultation

I enjoyed my visit to the surgery. All the staff were helpful and friendly and Dr Malcolm has integrity. Would definitely come back.

26/05/2017 LHR - Lower Legs

Fantastic treatment by Laura as usual! ????

26/05/2017 Botox

A really warm welcome as always, and wonderful to come out feeling fantastic! Superb service and everyone at the clinic is so helpful and committed.

26/05/2017 Laser Hair Removal - Hollywood

Am very impressed with Sarah's expertise and what great care she takes for her customers,she makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you Man-u-la!:)

25/05/2017 Botox

Malcolm explained my procedure at length, made me feel at ease and reassured. I am very happy with the results of my treatment.

25/05/2017 Filler

Absolutely thrilled with the result!! Highly professional treatment. Will definitely be going back for further treatments. Malcom is lovely and knows his stuff.

25/05/2017 Skin Rejuvenation IPL

Warm , kind and welcoming as always , look forward to next visit

25/05/2017 Skin Rejuvenation IPL

Warm , kind and welcoming as always , look forward to next visit

23/05/2017 Filler

Malcolm is wonderful and made me feel very relaxed. It really showed that he loves his work in making people look fantastic again. He is a cosmetic God ???? And Sharon was so lovely and clearly loves her job ???? A very big thank you guys and see you very soon ????

20/05/2017 Initial Consultation

Great explanation of all the procedures available, a geniuen feedback on what areas could have the best results. No pressure to engage with any procedure straight away, a real care for me as an individual. It's given me a focus on what I want when I go ahead

20/05/2017 Cellulite Reduction - Accent Prime

As always very professional and friendly. Thanks Sharon xxx

20/05/2017 Initial Consultation

Laura was friendly, informative and excellent at her job

19/05/2017 Follow Up Consultation

Brilliant results genuine staff. Doctor Malcolm is amazing. Thank you so much

19/05/2017 Initial Consultation

Very professional with a nice relaxed atmosphere. I'm coming back next week!

18/05/2017 Initial Consultation

Lovely people, very professional.

18/05/2017 Follow Up Consultation

Another lovely visit, malcolm and all his staff are truly lovely.

17/05/2017 Initial Consultation

Bit apprehensive going into this appointment but Jayne was amazing. So friendly,answered all my questions,made me feel at ease and was just dead nice. 100%!

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