Top-Ups for Clients

Not everyone needs a top-up.  We have seen clients who have had Laser Hair removal 10 years ago with less than 10% regrowth!  Fantastic

We Guarantee 80% permanent Hair Removal by the end of the First Year.  See Our Treatment Promise.

Most of Our Clients get even better results.

Having been substantially Hair Free for such long periods you will become a bit of a perfectionist so be warned!

Up to 20% of your Hair MAY recover.  Everyone sprouts a few hairs sooner or later.

One years seeding is seven years weeding.

If you want to be near that 100% perfection mark all the time and never have to pluck or shave a single hair then you may want a top-up between 4 and 12 monthly.

  • Lips and Chins £40
  • Bikini Line £40
  • Brazilian/Hollywood £60
  • Armpits £40
  • Lower Legs £90
  • Full Legs £150
  • Mens Backs £150
  • Forearms £50
  • Everything Else Half Normal treatment Price

Dr Willis has been my Family GP for 15 years. I have had to see him on innumerable occasions for awful in-growers, shaving rashes and skin problems in my bikini area. It had become a total embarrassment and I must have spent thousands on all sorts of attempts to get better. Within two sessions I had a 97% reduction in spots and in-growers with massively fewer hairs and and it was all so much more hygienic.

Great pain free treatment! Friendly technicians! Can’t recommend highly enough!

Before I had heard of Laser Docs I had not considered laser hair removal mainly because of the bad experiences of a couple of friends who had tried other laser treatments and were still going back 10 years later! But having looked into the Laser Docs website more I saw that it must be worth a go, and I have not looked back! […] Thank you so much Laser Docs, you are the gods of hair removal!


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