Leg Hair Removal

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For a more manageable payment plan treatments can be paid for as you go. See below for individual prices.

Our package treatment contract runs for a year (almost everyone else is for only 8-9 months). Our prices are based on results – you get up to 10 treatments for up to 80% reduction.

Lower Legs



Full Legs



Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatments for leg hair removal

The joys of Leg hair removal by razor can be short lived. Hair can often grow back within 48 hours leaving bristles. The average woman will waste 72 days of her life shaving her legs (according to a recent survey).

Guarantee: Never more than 6 payments for a RESULT – 80% permanent hair reduction*

*Most clients (Over 90%) achieve much better than this and subsequently choose to have occasional top-ups so as to remain almost 100% hair free

Why Have Leg Hair Removal by Laser?

Leg hair removal is classified as the most hated grooming task by British women according to a survey by Escentual.com. 35% of the women surveyed said that leg hair removal was their least favourite beauty chore.

Read the article here.

Legs are beautifully smooth ten minutes after a shave – but what are they like 2 days later?  Horrible and bristly.  And lots of women get ingrowers and nasty pigment staining.

Why do women shave their legs?

Women like to look and feel like women and not look like men! Humans like soft, smooth, healthy skin.

Description:  At The Doctors Laser Clinic we also offer Lower Legs Laser Hair Removal 

Treatment includes hair removal from middle of knee to below ankle

6 treatments tailored to your needs over the course of a year

Amazing results, I’m so glad I finally took the leap and invested in laser hair removal. I don’t know why I waited so long!

Having looked into the Laser Docs website more I saw that it must be worth a go, and I have not looked back! The procedure has been pretty pain free all the way through, certainly nowhere near the intense pain of regular waxing sessions which I have endured for many years. I was staggered with the results even after the first session on my dark, coarse hair and am ecstatic to say that I am on the way to hair free in next to no time, with far less hassle and pain in the process […] Thank you so much Laser Docs, you are the gods of hair removal!


I just couldn’t believe it was going to be pain free – but it was. This has changed my life. I am just amazed at how I kept going back to all those beauticians who only ever made it better for a few days – now I am so smooth – you can’t beat the Soprano. Go for it!


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