Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Individual Treatment PricePackage Price

For a more manageable payment plan treatments can be paid for as you go. See below for individual prices.

Our package treatment contract runs for a year (almost everyone else is for only 8-9 months). Our prices are based on results – you get up to 10 treatments for up to 80% reduction.




Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian hair removal is the same as a Hollywood (everything off) except a small patch of hair is kept such as a landing strip. A ‘Brazilian’ is a style that said to have come over from Brazil for women who wanted to wear new thong bikinis.

Guarantee: Never more than 8 payments for a RESULT – 80% permanent hair reduction*

*Most clients (Over 90%) achieve much better than this and subsequently choose to have occasional top-ups so as to remain almost 100% hair free

Why do ladies enjoy a Brazilian?

About a quarter of all our clients start off by keeping a strip or patch on top (Brazilian hair removal).  Almost everyone ends up having the whole lot off!  They like the smooth result so much that they can’t be bothered keeping a small patch of lawn.

Extended Bikini area laser hair removal from Laserdocs

Client chooses pattern of hair to be retained

Treatment includes hair removal from vulval area and peri-anally if requested

2″ top of legs and up to umbilicus if needed

6-9 treatments tailored to your needs over the course of a year


The Benefits

How does it make you feel?

Exhilarated, liberated, beautiful, proud, naughty, a weight off the mind – the superlatives go on and on.  To be sure no-one regrets it!

I would firstly like to say how well the clinic is run, and how professional the staff are, I have been treated by Emma who I found to be friendly (But not too much like some beauticians!!) reliable, and very skilled at making me feel comfortable getting my very private areas out! I have been talked through the whole process, given great detail about the treatment and have always been treated very well. […] I used to be so embarrassed about the hair going all down my legs, shaving rashes and stubble that I would not go swimming or let anyone see it! However now that isnt an issue anymore, and my confidence has been boosted immensly! […] So thanks!! And I’d recommend giving this company a try before you go elsewhere!

I have recommended laserdocs to all of my friends and family and would definitely recommend them now. In fact, I’m saving up to get my legs done too! Also the staff have been excellent, very friendly, knowledgeable and relaxing too. Plus, the opening times are very convenient, so that you can work the visit around work.

Most of the hair has indeed gone. Not had a single ingrowing hair, yay!


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