Back Hair Removal

Individual Treatment PricePackage Price

For a more manageable payment plan treatments can be paid for as you go. See below for individual prices.

Our package treatment contract runs for a year (almost everyone else is for only 8-9 months). Our prices are based on results – you get up to 10 treatments for up to 80% reduction.

Back hair



Permanent Back Hair Removal

Back Laser Hair Removal is something that many partners are happy to help with. Most loving animals groom each other. Removal of your own back hair can be problematic unless you have extendable, double jointed arms. Individual treatment costs and packages are available.

Guarantee: Never more than 8 payments for a RESULT – 80% permanent hair reduction*

*Most clients (Over 90%) achieve much better than this and subsequently choose to have occasional top-ups so as to remain almost 100% hair free


Back Hair Removal techniques

Back hair removal can be carried out using shaving, waxing, or depilating with creams.  The ancient Egyptians burned it off with flaming sticks from the fire!

The problem is that it’s so easy to get spotty and prickly like a cactus when it grows back.

The best answer long term is to get it lasered off.  With the Soprano ICE Laser you can easily get at least 80% long term reduction.  It just makes such a difference not having to worry.  The cost is much the same as a good quality plasma screen TV – and if it results in your girlfriend stroking you more then that’s happiness.

Why do men have back hair?

The simple answer is – Evolution.  Lots of testosterone makes big bones, big muscles, aggression, loads of hair and smell.  Plus mosquitoes find it more difficult to bite hairy backs so less chance of dying of malaria.

As a general rule the modern man with lots of back hair is a really nice sensitive guy!

Is back hair removal normal?

Increasingly so.  Many more men shave, wax and depilate then you would ever guess.  They feel so embarrassed by their back hair that many don’t ever take their shirts off in public.  Many men coming to The Doctors Laser Clinic don’t even take their shirts off at home in the presence of their families.  It’s a really sensitive issue for a lot of guys.

I am the bearer of good news as following the treatment on the 14th of November I have a good 70% less hair on my back. It’s fantastic and I look forward to seeing you for my next session. Many, many thanks.

Book in with Jayne, she is fantastic! Very very happy!

I just couldn’t believe it was going to be pain free – but it was. This has changed my life. I just amazed at how I kept going back to all those beauticians who only ever made it better for a few days – now I am so smooth – you can’t beat the Soprano. Go for it!


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