Nose to mouth folds

Nose to Mouth Fold Price

Belotero or Radiesse – First syringe


Second and subsequent syringes

£200 each

Usually one syringe needed unless part of a liquid facelift

Nose to Mouth Folds

Nose to mouth folds are the lines that form between the corner of the nose and the angle of the mouth. With time, the fold can appear deeper as we begin to age and our skin loses volume. Also, with loss of elasticity in the skin, this area can be one of the first that sags. People often feel that lines in this area gives their face an unhappy appearance.

Fillers, when administered by experienced doctors, is a highly effective treatment option to dramatically reduce the prominence of nose to mouth folds. Your skin will have a much fresher and smoother appearance.


How do fillers work for nose to mouth folds

Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyapatite a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies. It is injected deeply into the skin at just the right place to plump up the skin tissue. This softens wrinkles or folds.

Belotero is a highly purified HA filler and one of the most widely used in the world.

For all treatments, but especially the nose to mouth folds, an initial consultation may be useful so you and your doctor can understand the best way to proceed. This is because sometimes it is a loss of volume in the cheek that is causing nose to mouth folds. In this case, the fillers would be injected into the cheek as a liquid facelift.

Will I need any downtime

The whole treatment takes about 30 minutes. Most patients can return to their daily activities straight away. Sometimes, although it is rare, there is redness, bruising or swelling which go down within a day or two. Avoid rubbing or touching the area during this time. Results should last between 6 to 12 months.

Will it look natural

Fillers, when used appropriately look natural. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell you’ve had something done. This is one of the many reasons choosing the correct practitioner is so important.

At the Doctors Laser Clinic we have highly experienced Doctors and Nurses. We believe in making you feel confident and are proud to use the best products in the industry. The final look should be natural and subtle.

Great pain free treatment! Friendly technicians! Can’t recommend highly enough!

Brilliant treatment worth every penny x

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