Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers Price

Belotero HA Filler – First Syringe


Second and subsequent syringes


Usually only two syringes needed unless part of liquid facelift.

Lip Fillers

Full looking lips will never be out of style. Some of us naturally have thinner lips. And on top of that, with age, they naturally become thinner and start losing definition. This is even more visible around the V-shaped area of your upper lip (Cupid’s Bow).

Make-up can do wonders to recreate that definition but lip lines can end up making this difficult. The Belotero filler plumps up your lips which helps erase those vertical lines as well as define the shape of the lip.


Is it going to look natural

Oh, definitely! Over the time, lip fillers have developed a bad reputation. This is because people are either using the wrong kind of filler, causing hard, strange looking lips, or using too much.

At the Doctors Laser Clinic, we are highly experienced Doctors and Nurses who know what we are doing. We believe in less is more approach with noticeable results. People shouldn’t be able to look at you and tell you’ve had something done. You should look ‘fresh’ and ‘youthful’, never unnatural.

How does it work

Lip enhancement treatments take around 30 minutes. Because of how sensitive our lips are, it may require a local anaesthetic. The filler is then injected into the lips to plump them out.

The Belotero filler is designed to integrate into your tissue and provide subtle and even result. It is made up of Hyaluronic Acid which our body naturally produces. Wherever it is injected it will plump up the skin and feel no different to the touch.

What can I expect after the treatment

Although results can vary from one person to another, lip fillers can last up to nine months. Fillers are broken down and absorbed by the body which means after a certain time your lips will return to their previous appearance. The results are lasting but not permanent.


There is minimal risk of allergies since Hyaluronic Acid is present in our body. Other risks include, bruising, discomfort, swelling and redness. All of which are temporary.

Great pain free treatment! Friendly technicians! Can’t recommend highly enough!

Book in with Jayne, she is fantastic! Very very happy!

I’d recommend giving this company a try before you go elsewhere!


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