5Jawline Fillers Price

Belotero or Radiesse – First syringe


Second and subsequent syringes

£200 each

Usually only one syringe needed unless part of liquid facelift.

Jawline Fillers

The effects of sun damage, age and gravity affect the chin and jawline. Loss of definition in that area is often one of the first signs of ageing.

Fortunately, skilful use of the Belotero or Radiesse filler can treat this area very successfully. While Belotero actually replaces HA, Radiesse stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen, meaning it can make the skin around the area feel firmer too.


Will it hurt

The pain associated with fillers is usually very mild, with the exception of lip fillers. Our clients often report just a small sting.

However, we are aware some people cringe at the thought of a needle. This is one of the reasons everyone recommends you go to an experienced clinician. Often, topical anaesthetics are used.

What do I need to do after the treatment

The whole treatment takes about 30 minutes. Most patients can return to their daily activities straight away. Sometimes there is redness, bruising or swelling which usually goes down within a day or two but at worst can take a couple of weeks.  Results should last between 6 to 12 months.

What results can I expect

During the treatment small volumes of the Radiesse fillers are injected along the jawline. This subtly contours the area by creating volume under the skin. The jawline will look more defined.

Also, due to increased collagen production the filler helps plump loose skin on the jawline, making the whole area look more toned.

I would firstly like to say how well the clinic is run, and how professional the staff are, I have been treated by Emma who I found to be friendly (But not too much like some beauticians!!) reliable, and very skilled […]

Brilliant treatment worth every penny x

I have recommended The Doctors Laser Clinic to all of my friends and family and would definitely recommend them now.


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