Fed up with Leaking, Laxity After Childbirth, Dryness and Infections?

Childbirth, the menopause and growing older can affect great changes to the laxity, sensation and wellbeing of the vagina. Leaks when sneezing, laughing or coughing are also common problems faced by many women.

All of these issues can be treated with the revolutionary FemiLift. Using the latest in laser technology, this painless treatment is quick and provides fast results. By directing tiny beams into the wall of the vagina, the FemiLift tightens and promotes new cell growth.

Benefits of the treatment include tightening, increased sensation and stimulation, increased lubrication and greater control over leaks.

Treatment requires three sessions lasting less than 30 minutes, one month apart. Many patients report noticeable results within a few days of the first treatment, but the full course is needed to affect the full result.

Dr Kathy Kestin is specially trained to provide FemiLift treatments, and we are the only clinic offering the service in the East of England. The state of the art FemiLift is a non invasive treatment that requires no recovery time, many patients have been to us on their lunch breaks! Widely available in America and Europe, increasing numbers of gynaecologists in the private sector are advising the treatment when considering surgery for stress urinary incontinence before the situation deteriorates to the point of needing surgery that is painful, invasive and fraught with risks.

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What does it Involve?

Much the same as having a smear test with some extra bits and bobs. No blood or burns!

A narrow probe is placed in the vagina and rotated as the doctor pulses the laser almost painlessly. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. Particular attention is paid to the G-spot through which the urethra passes. There may be a bit of clear discharge for a few days afterwards during which time intercourse should be avoided.

Most women will notice an improvement in moisturisation and leakiness after just one treatment. 3 are recommended.  The effects usually last for up to two years with occasional top ups needed thereafter. 80% of women report an improvement in sexual response and sensation.

What are the Risks?

Very few.

Kegel exercises and weight loss are always a good idea.  The mainstay of treatment in the UK in recent years has been TVT (Trans-Vaginal Tape) with over 13,000 women a year having Mesh repairs. Unfortunately it has now been banned in Scotland due to so many serious complications. It look like the same will happen in England after The Daily Mail campaign to have it struck off.  Which only leaves the even bigger coplosuspension procedure on the surgical books.

So it looks as if The Femilift will increasingly become the first port of call for Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

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