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As you probably already know, the Doctors Laser Clinic offers fat freezing.  Basically, you target an area you’re not happy with – tummy, legs, etc and the machine freezes the fat.  The freezing process breaks down the fat cells and your body does the rest over the next few weeks by processing and removing the waste. If you haven’t heard of it before, you can read more about it here.

It sounds amazing (although a little weird), so we thought we’d ask one of the clinic’s lovely clients to see just how it feels…

Where on your body were you considering the treatment?

On my upper arms and thighs.

What made you want the treatment?

Well, they say with age comes wisdom…but it also brings bat wing arms. I’ve been unhappy with my arms for a few years now and I always make sure they’re covered up.  I’ve considered surgery to remove the excess but then Dr. Willis told me about fat freezing so I was first in line to try it!

Overall, I’m happy with my weight and I don’t want to lose any from other areas of my body.   When you diet you still maintain your natural body shape, which for me means bigger thighs than I’d like.  I’ve tried to target them with exercise but I haven’t been able to get rid of the weight there.

You said that Dr. Willis told you about the new fat freezing equipment – if you don’t mind us asking, what else do you have done at the clinic?

Dr. Willis has done a few things to make my face look fresher and smoother and he has given me so much confidence.  I was considering a facelift until someone told me about what Dr. Willis does – I call him my miracle man and I have complete faith in him.  

How did you feel before the treatment?

If I’m honest, a little bit nervous.  It looks a bit scary and sounded cold!  The idea of freezing bits of you didn’t sound very appealing.  But, I thought “no pain, no gain” and just give it a go.  And on the plus side, it’s not surgery.

My biggest worry, really,  was staying in one place for over an hour!

And, was it as bad as you thought in the end?

Not at all.  It was a little bit odd and quite hard to describe, really.  It was a little bit heavy on my legs but I was comfortable, I was never on my own for long and everyone was so lovely and attentive.  I think the worst thing was just being restricted – I do like to fidget a lot!

Were you cold?

No! Not at all! I was really surprised but I didn’t feel cold.

How did it feel when they take the machine off?

Fine.  They massage the area and, at worst, it’s a little tender but it was absolutely ok.  

And afterwards?  Could you use your arms ok and carry on with your day?

Completely normal!  I put on my jeans and carried on with my day as normal.  

Would you have it done again?

Absolutely, in a heartbeat.  The minimal discomfort does not outweigh the benefits.

And the really big question…does it work?

It actually takes 8-12 weeks or so to see the effects, so ask me again in a month!

I’ve seen the before an after photos and seen the effects on others so I’m really excited to see how it’s going to work for me.

Would you recommend it?

Definitely – it’s not scary, the staff are lovely and from what I’ve seen of the effects, it’s a fantastic option that doesn’t involve surgery.


So, what’s the verdict? We’ll be back in a few weeks time to see the effects of her fat freezing and to book in our own!

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