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4-6 Treatments are usually needed

Thread Veins, Broken Capillaries, Rosacea and Leg Spider veins

The posh word for facial thread veins and congested capillaries is telangiectasia.  Age, sun damage, wind, alcohol and hormones can result in these unsightly red streaks and blotches under the skin.  At worst, when they affect the nose, it leads to a condition called rhinophyma – a big red bulbous nose.

On the legs, especially in women, a combination of genetics, hormones, pregnancy and age result in burst valves with resultant back pressure into the surface veins and ugly blue spiders.


How Does the Treatment Work

With The Harmony we can use either IPL or Laser to target the colour of the haemoglobin inside the red blood cells.  A flash of light heats up the veins and capillaries very rapidly sealing them off.  Over a period of 2-3 weeks they are absorbed and mostly disappear. 

Very fine facial telangiectasia may need only one treatment. While leg veins have a habit of reforming because of the far greater pressures in the lower body. This means that after the initial treatments occasional top-ups are often needed.  All honest laser clinics will tell you this about leg veins.

So long as the diameter of the veins is less than 2-3mm (and not caused by varicose veins) then the results are good.

How Do I Prepare For Treatment

It is really important to avoid sun exposure before the vein removal treatment.  Using SPF 50 is recommended for 2-4 weeks before the procedure and for the same time after.  Likewise do not use sun beds or apply artificial tanning products.  You must tell us about exposure to tanning risk so we can delay treatment if necessary.

We will cleanse the skin but it is helpful to avoid foundation makeup on the day.

What is the Treatment Like

We take photos for the record and a medical history including medications.  We fully discuss the treatment, do a test patch and allow a ‘cooling off period’.  Treatments last between 10 and 60 minutes depending on how extensive the problem is.  The skin is first cleaned and cold gel applied.  The head of the laser is applied to the skin and a flash of light is fired – it stings!  Most people report that on a pain scale of one to ten the score is 3-5 – so tolerable for most clients.  Using topical anaesthetic does not help as the discomfort is caused by the effects of the laser deep below the surface.

What Happens Afterwards

Vein removal treatment can make you feel hot and sunburnt afterwards.  Cooling packs can be applied.  There may be some redness.  It is important not to have been exposed to the sun for 4 weeks before a treatment otherwise there is a risk of burns or pigment change.  There is usually no need for ‘down time’ after facial treatments. Although having a couple of days free of commitment afterwards is playing safe.

And please remember to use SPF 50 every day for 2-4 weeks!


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