Tattoo Removal

We use The Top of The Range Harmony XL Pro Medical Grade Laser.
The only one in Norfolk and Suffolk used under the supervision of doctors. It is very powerful and will tackle even the most stubborn ink.

We understand how EMBARRASSING that Tattoo can be!
And we can help!
The figures speak for themselves
One in six HATE at least one of their tattoos
One in three regret having a tattoo
Half of all people with a tattoo acknowledge that it can hold them back in their career.


How does it work?

Under the microscope Tattoo ink is looks like great boulders stuck in the middle layer of the skin. The secret of successful tattoo removal is having a laser that is powerful enough to hit the boulders sharply and suddenly – like a sledgehammer – shattering it into rock sized fragments.
The Harmony Q-switched Nd:YAG laser delivers that hammer blow in a matter of millionths of a second breaking the boulders up without releasing much heat – so you are less likely to suffer scarring burns. With each successive treatment the boulders are reduced to rocks then stone chippings and eventually to sand which is ultimately carried away in your tissue fluids.
And the tattoo is gone!

What to expect?

Tattoo removal is more pain free than having a tattoo in the first place (depending on how drunk or stoned you may have been at the time!).
We can use numbing cream but it hydrates and swells the surface skin making laser less effective. Immediately after the treatment skin looks “frosted” which is an indicator of effectiveness. The skin may or may not scab for several days.
Aftercare is very important and you MUST NOT EXPOSE the treated area to the sun.
Cheap ink is easier to remove than finer professional grade tattoo ink. Some colours are more resistant than others such as red and yellows.

How many treatments?

From 4-12 depending on the quality of tattoo ink, the colour and skin type. Treatments need to be done regularly every couple of months. Average 10 treatments.

Side effects

Using the Harmony XL Pro substantially reduces the risk of side effects compared to some of the cheap and weak lasers in many beauty salons.
It is common to get redness, swelling, itchiness, bruising/bleeding, irritation and sometimes scabbing. Much less commonly burns, scarring and depigmentation. In darker skins there may even be some increased pigmentation.

Brilliant treatment worth every penny x

Amazing results, I’m so glad I finally took the leap and invested in laser hair removal. I don’t know why I waited so long!

Great pain free treatment! Friendly technicians! Can’t recommend highly enough!


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