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Wrinkles, Blemishes and Skin Rejuvenation

Unfortunately damaged skin affects a lot of us and we all know sun exposure, stress and lifestyle are the main culprits for this. The level of damage will depend on how well you’ve protected and looked after your skin over the years.

As we get older those years of damage to our skin show up in a mixture of premature wrinkles, capillaries and sun spots. Thankfully, nowadays lasers are extremely effective at removing most of those signs restoring your skin to a fresh, even look.


How does it work

We again enter the arena of big words that sound impressive – but what is photorejuvenation?  Everyone knows that UV damages skin.  What most of us don’t know is that infra-red IR light can have a remarkably beneficial effect.  Using the right tools we can turn the clock back several years.

We have three main tools to improve wrinkles, old acne scars and poor quality crepey skin with the Harmony Laser.  They are IPL, Long-pulsed Nd:YAG and the iPixel Erbium:YAG laser.  If you want to do some serious research then click on this link to my article on wrinkles that has a series of links to lots of stuff about the individual lasers.  If you can’t be faffed with that, book an appointment with us to assess whether you will benefit from one or all three of the lasers!

How many sessions will I need

Usually 1 to 3 treatments will be more than enough to achieve an even skin tone and texture. That being said, the amount of treatments needed may vary from person to person as it depends on the condition you want to treat and how it reacts to the laser. At the initial consultation your doctor will examine your skin and explain the best way to proceed. 


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