Fine Lines and Scars

Fine lines and scarsFrom:



Harmony Clearlift Nd:YAG


Harmony iPixel Er:YAG


Fine lines and scars

There are various ways of tackling fine lines and scars nowadays. These go from superficial treatments using IPL all the way through to skin resurfacing using the more powerful Harmony Clearlift and iPixel laser systems.


How does it work

The laser destroys the upper few layers of the skin, removing indents of scars. The skin then proceeds to heal itself which leads to a smoothing of the overall appearance and feel of the skin.

This process also stimulates the production of collagen which gives your skin a plump and smooth texture. The sum of these effects is a skin free of fine lines and scars.

How long will the results last

Improvement will be noticeable within days and continues for months. This is because treatment activates the fibroblasts that lay down new collagen under the skin. With repeated treatments the results can be very impressive.

After your first consultation you can decide how many treatments you think you’ll need based on your skin’s needs.

Why do we get fine lines

As we age our skin becomes thinner as our fibroblasts switch off and stop producing collagen. Oil glands in the skin shut down and this results in increased drying out and crinkling. With the constant movement of our facial muscles, fine lines start developing in specific areas.

This process can be reversed. With the right laser treatment your skin can heal itself and the texture will gradually improve.


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