Bin your razors! (and get Laser Hair Removal)

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Summers over!  Bin your depilatory creams!  Chuck your razor in the bathroom cabinet!  Cancel your waxing appointments! 

Grow your leg hair long and hide it in tights, let your armpit hair stand long and proud beneath your polo necks and as for your bikini line – well, that won’t be seeing a bikini for a while, so don’t worry about it…we only make love in the dark under the sheets in Winter anyway!

Actually, aside from the baring of legs and shoulders at Christmas parties with their obligatory skimpy dresses, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your unwanted hair in time for next summer.  Most of us women spend anywhere in the region of £6000-£8000 on removing unwanted hair over our life times – now is the ideal time of year to start having it permanently removed ready for next summer.  Imagine the freedom!  No more emergency holiday waxing or dodgy razor shaving, what a relief!

In fact, having laser hair removal could change your life…

You could…go on an amazing holiday with the money you save because laser hair removal is so much cheaper than a lifetime of hair removal

You could…learn to rock climb.  Or speak a new language.  Or take up burlesque dancing.  All in the time you save not going for waxings or home shaving (ok, ok, you might not be a master in that time but it’s a start

And you’ll do that without in-grown hairs, without stubble, without 5 o’clock shadow (in places that definitely shouldn’t have it) and you won’t have to let your hair grow out between treatments like you do with waxing!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Our beautiful and brilliant Soprano Laser is one of the best lasers in the world.  We use it to aim a concentrated beam of light at the melanin in the hairBeing that specific means we don’t damage the skin around the hair and only target the hair – hence the pain free bit.  The fact that we aim at the melanin (the thing responsible for colour in skin and hair) means that it’s easier the darker your hair is.


Why Does it Take More than One Cycle? 

Hair grows in a 3 stage cycle in batches.  A bit like weeds – one year’s seeding is seven year’s weeding!   “Anagen” is the growing stage of the hair – thick and lush. It can last 5 years on your head but only 4 months on the legs.  The shorter the cycle the quicker the laser works.  It’s all a bit like what goes on in your garden actually.  Catagen” is the end of the growing phase – a bit like autumn, third is the “telogen” phase when it goes into hibernation before dying off and dropping out.

The time to hit the hair to effectively kill it is when it’s in the anagen stage – laser hair removal won’t work on hair in the resting phase which is why it’s necessary to repeat the treatments every 4-6 weeks over a period of time. 

Laser hair removal is safe (when done by the right professionals), efficient and saves time and money.  And starting now means done in time for next summer!

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