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Forehead lines

Forehead lines make you look tired, stressed, sad or angry.  They get worse with age, smoking and sun exposure.  Oddly enough the people who get them are often those who show a great deal of empathy such as nurses, teachers, carers and those working front-line with the public.  The muscles involved in this area – the glabella complex – are the corrugators, procerus and frontalis.  They are eminently responsive to relaxation by Botox®.


What effect will it have on my face

We would only rarely treat the forehead in isolation as the upper face has to maintain its balance of expression

Injecting very small quantities of botulinum into the forehead area eases the muscles and within days it all looks more relaxed.  The inner eyebrows tends to lift and separate.  Friends, family and colleagues will often comment that you look well without knowing why. 


Will I look emotionless

Absolutely not! We’ve all seen pictures of people with frozen faces and it’s not the kind of result we’re aiming for. Our policy is “less is more”.

How long will it last

Usually 3 months.  It can take up to 21 days for the full effect to develop.  The range is 2-6 months.  As time goes on and with repeated injections the gap often gets greater.


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