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Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet – what an awful name for those beautiful smile lines radiating from the corner of your eyes.  The same lines that deepen when we squint in bright light or concentrate on our computer screens.  Ultimately the tension in the orbicularis oculi muscle that surrounds the eye socket drags our eyebrows over the rim and the lines become permanent radiating out onto the temples.  Then those once lovely smile lines become crow’s feet that make you look tired, worried and old.


How do I know if this treatment is right for me?

6.5 million people a year have botulinum treatments in America.  The UK is number 16 on the world list of users so we are a long way behind our American friends.  The original work on its use in the cosmetic industry was done as far back as 1989 with widespread usage after being licensed for frown lines in 2002.  Used appropriately it is safe but there are side effects at times and rarely they can be very serious.


When is it too early for Botox®?

The Doctors Laser Clinic rarely injects Botox® in anyone under the age of 25years.  We strongly believe that up until that age our facial expressions determine our long term capacity to socialise, empathise and form stable relationships.  The peak of a woman’s beauty is said to be at 36 years of age so anything that keeps us on, or returns us to that time point is welcome!  The reason so many Hollywood stars look so fabulous for their age is they started the Botox® and quality cosmetic discipline early and maintained it.

What can I expect after Treatment?

By placing as little as 3 units of botox (that is literally a small drop) at 3 points around the side of the eye the whole of the orbicularis muscle relaxes opening up the eye, allowing the eyebrow to rise and smoothing out the crow’s feet.  Of all the botulinum injections this is the one with the most effect.  It is important to review the result after a couple of weeks just in case the lateral eyebrow shoots up creating a ‘Spock like’ or ‘Mephisto’ effect. 


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