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*Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.


About The Doctors Laser Clinic

The clinic is run by three Norwich based family doctors, Dr Malcolm Willis, Dr Kathy Kestin and Dr Mini Nelson. We are highly experienced practitioners with extensive knowledge of dermatology, medical conditions, Botox® and aesthetics.

We have spent many years running a very successful practice based on personal lists and holistic care and head a team of highly qualified medical professionals.


Meet the Norwich Team

Malcolm has been a Family Doctor in this wonderful part of South Norfolk for 28 years. Recently retired from NHS Practice he has an extensive portfolio of medical experience. He has been passionate about the teaching of Medical Students from the University of East Anglia. Described as kind, enthusiastic and humorous he set up The Doctors Laser Clinic in 2010. He personally trains all the staff on a one to one basis until they reach peak skills with the Soprano technology that delivers such amazing results. He is delighted to introduce you to the most highly qualified Soprano Team in East Anglia.  He is also the lead clinician for Botox and other injectable treatments using highly purified, top of the range, Merz products.

Kathy has been a Family Doctor with a personal list of patients in Long Stratton for 22 years. Recently retired from NHS Practice she originally went into Anaesthetics.  She worked all around the world for several years including a stint as Falkland Islands Medical Officer in the Flying Doctor service. A keen cyclist and traveller she has had many interests including the teaching of Medical Students from the University of East Anglia.  Described as adventurous, extrovert and well organised she loves using the Soprano laser. She and Dr Willis were personally trained by world famous Dr Kate Goldie in Harley Street in the use of Botox and fillers.


Mini is a highly popular, well established Family Doctor with a personal list of nearly 2000 patients in this excellent community. Having qualified she specialised in Paediatrics with an interest in acutely ill children. With two growing daughters of her own she moved from the John Radcliffe in Oxford to Norfolk and retrained as a GP. She is an inspirational teacher of Paediatrics to Medical Students from the University of East Anglia and has a very dynamic social life in Norwich. Known for her seemingly boundless energy, enthusiasm, infectious laughter, kindness and communication skills she is a popular choice amongst the laser clinics clients who are always thrilled with their treatments.


Jayne is our latest Soprano Specialist with a fascinating CV.  An ex-Royal Navy Gunner she served for 7 years, finishing up on HMS Beaver, gaining a medal and a husband in the process.  6 years as a Senior Train Conductor, followed by 8 years as a full time Mother.  Appropriately she is also a Leader of our local children’s Beaver group and a swimming instructor.  Having known Dr Willis since 2001 she did a year’s training with him, attaining an NVQ Level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology scoring a Merit.  Her technical background and delightful sense of humour makes her another favourite with the clients and staff.


Sarah is one of the longest established members of the Laser Docs Team.  A master of the skills and nuances of the Gold Award winning Soprano Laser. Dr Willis and Sarah have known each other since he first joined the Long Stratton Practice 28 years ago and met her as a confident 10 year old! Sarah took up nursing 6 years ago as her children entered their teenage years, as a mature student. Her Granny was The Practice Nurse here over 50 years ago.  She qualified in 2011 to much acclaim. She is an extraordinarily kind, humorous, extrovert and capable nurse working in Accident and Emergency at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Sarah is one of our three nurse Botox injectors with a growing following.  Her Botox and injectables certificates are awarded by Medics Direct in Harley Street having served a long apprenticeship with Dr Willis. There always seem to be squeals of joy and laughter when she is doing treatments at the laser clinic.


Cheryl is the Health Care Assistant at The Long Stratton Medical Partnership. Having attained her Open University Diploma she went on to do her Core of Knowledge course in Laser Technology at the LCS Academy in Milton Keynes. She worked and trained very closely over several months with the Doctors, resulting in an excellent pass in her Soprano assessment in Cambridge. Cheryl spent many years as a hairdresser before moving into the nursing arena. Having personally experienced the life changing joys of hair removal with the Soprano she is thrilled to be taking her own clients at the laser clinic. Testament to her skills and extrovert personality is the number of our own staff who have opted to be treated by her!  No problem retaining staff at The Surgery!


Caroline is another of our senior Nursing Team who rebadged into Practice Nursing after 15 years working in hospital Intensive Care.  She has also seen service in the Army and worked on a number of cruise ships.  Worldly wise, well-travelled and always with a twinkle in her eye she is a delight to work with.  Along with the rest of the Team she spent months with Dr Willis learning the subtleties of The Soprano and served her Botox apprenticeship with him.  She holds a highly prized certificate for injectables fromMedics Direct in Harley Street.  Caroline is extraordinarily kind and caring as well as being a wizard with the laser.  She has been a brilliant addition to The Team and exemplifies the high skill levels and maturity of our staff.  On her Cambridge Course with ABC Lasers she ended up teaching her colleagues a trick or two!


Alison has 35 years of experience as a general nurse including several years in the operating recovery suite at the Norfolk and Norwich. She is now Specialist Lead Nurse for Diabetes at the Long Stratton Medical Partnership working in a close knit team that delivers an exceptional level of quality care. Alison started training on The Soprano at the laser clinic in August 2010 and like the rest of the Team she is fully accredited.  Along with Sarah and Caroline her Botox and injectables certificates are awarded by Medics Direct in Harley Street having served a long apprenticeship with Dr Willis. She lives a very full life being a bit of a fitness fanatic.

Sharon Cook

Sharon is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. Since joining us she has got a merit in her Anatomy and Physiology Diploma followed by a full BTEC in laser and light therapies making her one of the few properly qualified laser technicians in Norfolk. Hugely popular with the clients and patients due to her brilliant personality and extreme knowledge. She will brighten your day!


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